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S&N-S Light: Speech and Noise Stop Light

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S&N-S Light (Speech and Noise Stop Light) is a new device to control sound levels to due chatting or anthropic noise in indoor and outdoor densely occupied environments. S&N-S Light shows with coloured lights if the sound level exceeds limit values encouraging a self-control of the vocal output.

Technical features

Speech and Noise Stop Light (S&N-S Light) is a smart phonometric device with warning lights activated whenever the noise level gets too high.
The controlled noise is essentially chatting in densely occupied indoor and outdoor environments (classrooms, canteens, gyms, offices, waiting rooms, cafeterias, restaurants, outdoor dining and drinking areas, etc.), and the limit levels are adjustable in relation to the type of environment where the device is placed.
The innovation of the proposed system is that it is set up on statistical noise levels, therefore sound levels due to accidental noises or “useful” signals are excluded. For example, in a classroom, the device will not be sensitive to the teacher voice but only to the students’ noise.
Moreover, after a learning phase, it automatically set the new limit values which start the warning lights.The limit values can, in fact, be set manually by the operator or automatically by the device in case of changing conditions (increase of number of people or change the type of chatting), up to a noisy maximum level that cannot be exceeded.

Possible Applications

  • Chatting and anthropic noise control in densely occupied environments;
  • Applicable in different spaces: restaurants, classrooms, canteens, conference halls, waiting rooms, dehors, outdoor dining and drinking areas, etc….


  • High-visibility of the device;
  • It reacts to the background chatting noise and not to accidental noises;
  • Automatic set up of the sound limit levels;
  • Data storage and possibility of wireless technology;
  • Device that encourages a behavioural change in people, it leads to control the voice level.