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SmartID – Anti-islanding device for electric distribution networks

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Method and device for the detection of islanding operation of an electrical subsystem. The islanding, that is the undesired islanded operation of a portion of distribution network with generators and loads, can seriously endanger the safe operation of the system. The patent concerns an anti-islanding device (SmartID) that autonomously detects the islanding even if generation and load are balanced.

Technical features

SmartID, using the voltage and current measurements at the point of the distribution network where it is installed, reliably detects the occurrence of island operation of a portion of the Low Voltage distribution network. Compared to other devices it has the following advantages: easy to install; does not require complex and expensive measurement systems; does not introduce any type of perturbation into the system, being passive; and its operation does not require any communication system with the secondary cabin or with other devices. Furthermore, it is possible to install the device both in the connection point of the distributed generation and in other points of the network, without limitations on its effectiveness, and install multiple devices in the same distribution network, without interactions between them that could cause malfunctions.

Possible Applications

  • Islanding;
  • Distributed Generation;
  • Smart Grid;
  • Electric energy distribution;
  • Safety.


  • Passive detection method;
  • Cheap device;
  • No communication required;
  • Installable in any point of the network.