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SMART System: Sand Mitigation around Railway Track

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A system able to mitigate undesired windblown sand effects on railway road infrastructures and other civil works in critical environments such as desert areas. It consists in wall-mounted curved deflectors facing incoming windblown sand thus preventing sand accumulation on the track.

Technical features

This invention consists in a windblown sand deflector (WSD) that crowns any kind of solid Wall-type Sand Mitigation Measures (W-SMM) at their upper tip.It consists in a suitable curved and oriented thin pane facing the direction of the incoming wind. The pane rises from the tip of the wall and it is supported by spaced structural pillars connected to the wall. The dimension and shape of the WSD pane can be optimized according to the construction site conditions (wind velocity, aerodynamic roughness of the ground surface, sand flux) and to the geometry of the wall (height, inclination of its side surfaces).

Possible Applications

  • Railways & Roads;
  • Airports;
  • Oil Pipelines & Refineries;
  • Archeological Sites;
  • Farms;
  • Built Environment.


  • Highly Efficient;
  • Robust aerodynamic behavior;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Flexible (constant shape, varying size);
  • Durable components;
  • Simple components and building process.