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Smart Remuage


The invention relates to an ultrasonic system, and the relative machinery, to carry out the Remuage phase in the production of sparkling wine. The system can be adapted to simultaneously treat a large number of bottles and significantly reduces the time required to perform this processing step.

Technical features

The remuage is one of the processing steps provided by the classic method (or Champenoise method) for the production of sparkling wine. This phase is carried out after the refermentation period in the bottle and consists in placing the individual bottles tilted with the cap downwards and making delicate rotations of the bottles to allow the yeasts, residues of the fermentation, to settle on the edge of the bottle and slide towards the cap. Currently this phase must be performed manually on a daily basis and has a duration of between seven and thirty days. The patented machinery, through the use of ultrasound, allows to optimize the effect on individual wine bottles and obtain results similar to those obtained with the traditional method, but faster (about one hour)

Possible Applications

  • Sparkling wine production (champenoise method)


  • Reducing production time
  • Treatment available on several bottles in the same time
  • Easy installation in the winery environment with small investment