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Smart rebars for structural monitoring

Continuous monitoringCost reductionCTENEXTFire early warningImprove safety constructionStructural monitoringStructures and infrastructures


The invention is a steel reinforcing bar embedded system ordinarily used for reinforced concrete structures with strain structural monitoring and fire early warning purposes. The use of sensors of MEMS type allows to reduce costs compared to traditional devices and to improve safety and speed in both construction and service stage sand also after extreme events.

Technical features

The invention is an integrated micro electronic system into a reinforcing ribbed bar with the aim to provide strain and temperature values, specific of the measuring point. These values enable a constant control of structural conditions. The low cost and the easyness of signal readings coming from sensors allow to build a large network of sensor and therefore to deal with a control tool in construction stages of civil structures and infrastructures with an increase of the safety and the speed and the possibility of monitoring during their service life. The system can be easily installed in existing structures as sensing and/or strengthen elements used to evaluate the structural performance of the structure from the installation stage and to detect possible criticalities that may arise.

Possible Applications

  • Tunnels;
  • Bridges;
  • Roads and railways;
  • Dams;
  • Strategic buildings;
  • Foundations.


  • Direct integration in ordinary steel reinforcing bars;
  • Low cost;
  • Robustness during construction stages (cast of concrete);
  • Easyness of reading with common electronic devices;
  • Self temperature compensation.