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Smart pot for induction hobs

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This cooking pot for induction hobs is especially efficient and safe. It also electronically equipped with a control system that can set cooking times or other functions remotely through a smartphone.

Technical features

Induction hobs have set the way for new technologies in the kitchen. This cooking pot, like many others, can be used on induction hobs but it differs from common pots because the outer lining material is wood. The presence of this natural material minimizes heat dispersion and energy consumption, and reduces the risk of accidental burns. The pot is also equipped with an electronic control system that allows it to communicate with home automation systems or smart devices.  The pot can also be connected to other accessories powered by the hob, for example a mixer or a pressure-cooking lid. The system will therefore allow for elaborate and precise cooking in which time, pressure, temperature and other variables can be set remotely.

Possible Applications

  • Cooking system for induction hobs;
  • Home automation.


  • Remote cooking;
  • Accessories powered by the induction hob;
  • Measurement of cooking parameters
  • Greater energy efficiency;
  • Better home safety.