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Smart packaging labels

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The invention uses an innovative label to monitor the conservation conditions of a product. The solution is based on the effects of the Optically Stimulated Luminescence and in particular on the monitoringof the conservation properties of a material, taking into particular consideration the Time/Temperature ratio.

Technical features

The solution relies on the effects of the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) and, in particular, on a label that can monitor the properties of a material, depending on its maintenance conditions. The label registers the temperature variations of the material since its activation and can give detailed information about the history of the product, correctly assessing short-term variations over a critical temperature. The system is passive and does not require any electronic part on the labels: it only needs an optical excitation system (writing the information, even spatially defined as a logo) and a second optical system (easily integrated with a common cellphone) to read the OSL and thus the actual Time/Temperature conditions.

Possible Applications

  • Food cold chain;
  • Large and retail food distributor;
  • Home control of food safety (time temperature conditions);
  • Labels suitable also for non-food packaging.


  • Awareness of the real conservation condition of a product (Temperature/Time);
  • Alternative to the “Best before” labels;
  • Reading system embeddable in smartphones;
  • Not depending on accidental and rapid variation of temperature (false positive);
  • Customizable for time/temperature conditions.