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Smart metering system for electrical networks

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SmartComm is a measurement and diagnostic tool for Power Quality related issues in electrical grids. It can be used in electrical grids for the measuring and monitoring of parameters such as power consumption, Power Quality levels, as well as for predictive diagnostics. The system is able to operate monitoring and diagnostics autonomously.

Technical features

Smartcomm conducts autonomously both the monitoring of grid electrical parameters and the identification of Power Quality disturbances. It is a low cost, cutting edge technology measuring system, which can be remotely controlled and monitored. The system records and measures the standard Power Quality parameters (such as active, reactive and apparent power, THD, Power Factor, etc) and is able to detect and identify any kind of electrical transient disturbance on the grid, to generate a warning and to classify the disturbance type. Hence, the solution enables low-cost, real-time monitoring of an electrical network and its connected devices while keeping under control the overall health state and energy consumptions of the installation. Smartcomm is a powerful tool for a Power Quality consultant, that could accurately tailor a solution thanks to a continuous monitoring of the client’s installation. The system can also be used to implement predictive maintenance and diagnostics of devices and systems connected to the grid. The measuring system indeed is able to identify and characterise the energy profile of every load, recognise and highlight anomalies. Thus, it is possible to use SmartComm both for the Power Quality problems diagnostics and for the monitoring of the grid in order to operate energy efficiency improvements and predictive maintenance.

Possible Applications

  • Energy audit for energy efficiency improvement, with automated report generation;
  • Intelligent monitoring of the electrical efficiency and health state of the grid;
  • Predictive maintenance of the electrical systems connected to the sub-grid;
  • Implementation of Power Quality disturbances mitigation strategies;
  • Intelligent energy consumption monitoring and automatic warning in case of anomalies/overload.


  • SmartComm is able to autonomously analyse data and generate reports;
  • Can be used by untrained personnel;
  • It can be used both for diagnostics and predictive maintenance/diagnostics.