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Smart meetering for water and gas pipes

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The invention consists of a system for remote communication of electrical and / or magnetic signals utilizing the gas and water pipes comprising the distribution network. The system is also capable of implementing a remote power supply system for remote nodes used to monitor gas/water and transmitting/receiving associated information.

Technical features

A European directive envisages that by 2018 the gas meters mechanical counters will be replaced by electromechanical counters, which allow, as in the case of electricity meter, remote reading by the supplier of the amount of gas provided. One issue connected to the implementation of such electronic gas meter is that gas meters are purely mechanical devices: they are completely passive (they do not need/include any power supply) and they do not allow the management/transfer of electronic signals containing the information of the volume of gas provided. Thus, the basic idea of this invention is to use the gas/water pipe to carry the electrical signal carrying the information signal generated by the electronic meter (which contains the information of the amount of  gas/water provided by the supplier). There are obvious advantages in terms of saving cabling and deploying the “smart metering” system.

Possible Applications

  • Smart metering for gas and water distribution services on the territory;
  • Novel technology enabling a new generation of Smart Meters.


  • This invention allows to reach remote places difficult to reach using electromagnetic radiation (cellars, basements, metal cabinets, …);
  • The power consumption is much lower than that of existing wireless radio systems, thus allowing to use simple commercial batteries;
  • This invention allow implementing remote power supply system, enabling the development of autonomous meters.