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Smart dryer for fruit and vegetables

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The patent foresees a smart system for monitoring and an automatic process control to be applied, also in retrofit, to a cabinet or hot-air flow dryer, which can be of horizontal or vertical type, suitable for fruit and vegetables drying.

Technical features

The prototype is a cabinet-type dryer inside which baskets are arranged to let the product to be dried. It is equipped with a thermoventilation unit to generate a hot-air flow that hits the product. The dryer is embedded with micro-sensors to monitor the drying status of the product, as well as with a control panel that modulates the process parameters through a serial connection to a personal computer.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial dryers;
  • Home dryers;
  • Retrofit for existing dryers.


  • Energy saving process
  • High quality of the dried product
  • Saving of personnel
  • High process speed
  • Remote control