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Smart Design Wall: conductive and magnetic device at low voltage

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The structure of the invention is a system of magnetic and conductive design panels, able to produce energy to recharge small appliances without the use of plugs or sockets and without any safety problem, since the low-voltage power (12V).

Technical features

The invention makes it possible to use any point on the surface of the structure to apply a charger, a light source or other, effectively solving the problem of having to have the sockets in fixed points of a wall and determining a great advantage especially for people with difficulties. motor (for example in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc.). The invention therefore has the potential to positively affect the behavior system, the use of technical accessories powered at low voltage, energy saving and to ensure conditions of total safety. The wall consists of a system of magnetic and conductive panels, capable of producing energy to recharge and hold, over the entire surface, small devices equipped with plugs with magnets. The wall has a programmable panel power control system. In the panels, the magnetic induction means, steel sheet with engraved pattern and spiral magnetic element, generate the magnetic field of the interaction surface covered in fabric.

Possible Applications

  • Smart house;
  • Hospital and medical environments;
  • Rehabilitation centers, where different types of motor difficulties persist (e.g., technical furnishings that facilitate and increase the actions and skills of patients and operators).


  • Improvement of the usability of living spaces from a domestic and work perspective;
  • Customization with various textures and designs;
  • Possible insertion of speakers;
  • Usability of the on and off system, intuitive and inductive;
  • Energy saving induced using Power LED light.