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Smart blocks for teaching robotics

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The patent consists of independent functional blocks (made up of hardware and / or software) used in Educational Robotics courses, containing algorithms capable of tracking the construction sequences implemented by the student during the execution of a task assigned to him by the teacher.

Technical features

The patent covers an innovative system that allows the basic programming functions of the individual blocks to be modified with an algorithm able to elaborate the logical and implementing choices made by the students. The proposed mode has a high added value for students and educators, allowing for immediate feedback. Furthermore, the information analysis function regarding the activation of the individual blocks (temporal or event based) and of the collected data, allows to reconstruct in real time the effectiveness of the educational process of which the devices themselves have been employed, in order to monitor and correct the teaching.

Possible Applications

  • Monitoring of teaching activities;
  • Educational products in the field of robotics;
  • Learning assessment systems.


  • Applicability of the system in the educational field, adaptable in different grade schools;
  • Real-time feedback to students using the blocks;
  • Monitoring of teaching and learning.