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Smart ADAHRS – device to measure flight data

aerospaceflight controlintertial air datasensorssoft-computing


The invention in question, covered by a patent, allows through soft-computing techniques to accurately estimate all flight parameters, such as the aerodynamic angles (incidence and drift), the inertial data and the data of air, through a apparatus of reduced dimensions easily installed in any aircraft.

Technical features

The systems for the detection of all the inertial data and air data (altitude, speed and aerodynamic angles) of the aircraft are commonly composed of one or more devices installed on board and from various external probes. One of the requirements of the most advanced navigation and modern aircraft control systems is to reconcile the need to reduce weight, space and costs by optimizing performance and reducing the possibility of malfunction due to adverse weather conditions. The present invention allows to estimate the aerodynamic angles using soft computing techniques (eg. Neural network) and eliminating the need of external furniture sensors (eg. Fins). The proposed solution, in fact, offers the opportunity to obtain a complete and reliable tool without the need for advanced probes or complex aircraft systems. The reduced number of external sensors also makes the technology easily configured and installed. The invented device, of which is made of a prototype, it is proposed as an ideal solution for all aircraft, in particular the drones, for its simplicity of installation and integration on board, versatility and high performance.

Possible Applications

  • Aeronautical applications;
  • Drones.


  • Simple configuration of the air data system: the need for a single pressure probe;
  • Reliability and accuracy of the data detected;
  • Simplicity of installation;
  • Ease of redundancy;
  • Weight, size, and maintenance costs;