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Skiroll wireless braking system

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An electromechanical braking system for ski-rolls or similar devices. The braking force is applied directly on the disk-rim by two callipers. The callipers movement is obtained using a cable and a sheath. The cable is pulled by an electrical motor connected through a transmitter to a braking handle positioned on the pole and driven manually by the user.

Technical features

The functioning prototype consists in a mechanical/braking device and in a controlling part. The mechanical device apply the braking force by means of two callipers directly on  the disk-rim of the skiroll’s wheels. The two callipers move thanks to the cable warping and to the action of the sheath. The winding of the cable on the pulley and the extension of the interposed spring is carried out by the servomotor which is controlled wirelessly through the use of the handle-brake located on the pole used by the user. The actuation of the handle is recorded by a sensor and simultaneously a signal proportional to the actuation is sent to the receiver which controls the servo-motor in order to guarantee a direct and immediate regulation of the braking. Once the braking handle is released the motor’s shaft return to its initial position, the callipers detach from the disk-rim thanks to a spring system and consequently the braking force disappear.

Possible Applications

  • Skirolling;
  • Rolling;
  • Mountain sports.


  • Adjustable and powerful braking;
  • Wireless;
  • Decreases wheel wear;
  • Ease of approach to roller skiing for beginners;
  • Safer and more stable design;
  • Easy to use mountable/removable system;
  • No modification the skiroll’s original geometry.