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Ski-assistant for disabled people

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The invention is a system that allows disabled or handicapped people to ski. With respect to other solutions, this monoski is equipped with a horizontal suspension allowing a better grip on the snow and an easier going up on the skilift without external help.

Technical features

The system that assists disabled and handicapped people during skiing is a monoski that wants to be an alternative to existing solutions proposing an innovative configuration of suspension. The monoski adopts a kinematic that allows the installation of the shock absorber in horizontal configuration instead of vertical under the seat of the athlete. This solution allows obtaining a better grip on the snow improving the stability and the security for the skier and facilitates the going up on the skilift that is possible without uninstalling any mechanical component and without help.

Possible Applications

  • Ski assistant for disabled people.


  • The use of a horizontal suspension allows:
    • Better grip on the snow;
    • Easier going up on the skilift thanks to the horizontal shock absorber.