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Single-bottle refrigerated case

Compactness and lightnessModularityRefrigerationSemi-transparencyThermo-electric module


Refrigeration container having the shape of a prism with a hexagonal base which allows to stack several of them, creating modular structures in the shape of a honeycomb and optimizing spaces. The cooling module allows each bottle to be quickly cooled to the most appropriate temperature, while allowing the label to be exposed thanks to the semi-transparency of the container.

Technical features

The refrigerated case, 14 x 14 x 47 cm in size, has a hexagonal base that allows the creation of modular structures, made up of several containers, in a honeycomb shape that optimizes space. The semi-transparency of the container combined with thermo-insulating materials allow the bottle placed inside to be visible, whilst been kept at the right temperature. The refrigeration technology consists of a solid state module, Peltier type, with high refrigerating performance that can be powered by a normal household electrical outlet and which allows each bottle to be quickly cooled to a temperature between 2 and 16 degrees. The activation of the cooling module and the fans takes place through the use of a thermostat, regulated by a temperature sensor placed inside the module, which allows greater efficiency depending on the user settings and the detected temperature. The temperature of each container can be set either manually via buttons or via an application for mobile devices.

Possible Applications

  • Exhibitions, shows;
  • Wine shops, wine cellars
  • Restaurants;
  • Private amateur wine cellars.


  • Refrigeration of fine wines requiring specific temperatures;
  • Showcase of wine labels at exhibitions or wine cellars;
  • Rapid refrigeration for tastings or restaurants;
  • Customisable solution depending on the number and type of bottles.