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The simulator is used to provide information, education and training for workers who work in confined and/or suspected of pollution environments, taking into account the requirements of Italian, European and International legislation. It allows the simulation of real critical situations, normally present in such environments, in order to develop, through studies and research, specific risk assessment systems, solutions to save uncooperative workers and new working methods that do not require entering in the dangerous environment (use of robots, drones, etc.).

Technical features

The simulator safely creates an environment in which to reproduce the main critical situations encountered by workers operating in confined and/or suspected of pollution environments, enabling compliance with the provisions of national and international legislation on information, education and training on risks to health and safety at work. The simulator is transportable, can be connected to the electric grid of the host company and is equipped with systems that allow safe use. A ladder anchored to the outer wall leads to the top of the simulator, protected from falls by a retractable metal perimeter parapet, where you can descend through a vertical manhole. In addition to the vertical manhole, the simulator is equipped with horizontal manhole, coloured pipes, switches (lock out-tag out procedures), valves, movable walls, systems that affect sensory abilities. The simulator is equipped with a control room with a thermal camera that performs continuous observation of the activities. TRL 9

Possible Applications

  • Industrial sites (petrochemical, wine, nuclear, construction, ceramic, agri-food, farming);
  • Silos, wells and pits, sewers, chimney stacks, tunnels and passages;
  • Vessels, pipes, boilers and the like;
  • Similar environments.


  • Applicable to any type of environment;
  • Reproduction of real situations in safe conditions;
  • Transportability;
  • No special driving licence required;
  • Rescue simulations of non-cooperative personnel;
  • Simulation of difficulty of access and exit even in height, presence of fumes, noise, lights;
  • Lock out – tag out testing.