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ShowerPod, showerhead and self-powered speaker

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The device aims to transform a simple shower into a unique and unforgettable experience. It combines the satisfaction of a hot bath with the pleasure of listening to your favorite music in a comfortable way. In fact, it is sufficient to open the water, as in any other shower to play your songs continuously, thanks to the rechargeable speaker.

Technical features

The invention consists in integrating a bluetooth audio speaker and the hydroelectric turbine, inside a shower dispenser. They are arranged in such a way as to maintain a compact and balanced structure so that the general aesthetics are not unlike that of a common showerhead. The turbine is able to generate the hydroelectric energy necessary to power the speaker, thus directly exploiting the flow of water used for washing, therefore, without ever having to recharge it conventionally. Furthermore, the arrangement of the internal components is designed to allow the separation of the electrical compartment from the hydraulic one. This division favours a homogeneous water flow inside the delivery chamber and tangential to the turbine blades, with the aim of maximizing energy efficiency.

Possible Applications

  • Bathroom accessories: shower and bathtubs.


  • Compact, it has a standard size;
  • Classic, it keeps traditional shapes;
  • Autonomous, it doesn’t require charging;
  • Low environmental impact, it has optimised shapes for low-energy processes;
  • Cheap, it’s made by few components designed for scale production.