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Shock-adsorbing device for helmets

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The patented technology consists of an innovative system for helmets characterized by a shock-adsorbing device able to minimize perpendicular and tangential impacts that cause rotational accelerations, responsible for concussions.

Technical features

It is known that the most dangerous impacts are tangential ones that cause rotational accelerations, the primary cause of serious head injuries. Several helmets characterized by a shock-adsorbing device have been developed, in particular those using non-Newtonian fluids mixed with polymer foams. In general these devices are not able to minimize tangential impacts. The patented technology consists of a closed system filled with a cushioning fluid, in which a rigid part is free to move in three directions. When the rigid part changes its position due to the impact, the movement is damped by the fluid that absorbs part of the energy due to the impact itself.

Possible Applications

  • System for sport helmets.


  • Better absorption of perpendicular and tangential impacts;
  • Reduction of the risk of head injuries following falls and bumps.