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The invention concerns a shelter concept (storage box) for transformed commercial vehicles, which allows numerous advantages, such as the possibility of making the module loadable / downloadable from the vehicle in a few minutes, and saving the investment by allowing the combination of modules used for different on the same vehicle.

Technical features

In the logistics and road transport sector ,there is a need to develop systems capable of improving efficiency and safety in the distribution and transport of goods, from the warehouse to the recipient customer, with the aims of reducing loading times / unloading of vehicles used in distribution and, at the same time, limiting operating costs. However, the systems that use pallets have some drawbacks, such as the need for multiple lifting and moving operations of the pallet performed by the forklift. This determines an extension of the loading and unloading times of the goods. In this context, a team of researchers from the University of L’Aquila, with a local company, has developed an innovative support system for fixing removable installations on motor vehicles and light trucks, patented in Italy, which overcomes the limitations of the solutions currently on the market.

Possible Applications

  • Loading / unloading of shelters (storage box) for transporting goods on motor vehicles or trucks.


  • Fast loading and unloading of the goods from the vehicle load plan;
  • Transport security, ensuring that the cargo placed does not move during the journey;
  • Protection of any individuals traveling near the vehicle from the collision and / or protrusions of the support system;
  • Adaptability to vehicles of different sizes.