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Shared system of rechargeable batteries

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The invention relates to a system for the sharing of rechargeable battery packs which are available, for the means of transport of the system users, in appropriate recharging station positioned all over the city. The monitoring and the managing of such service take place through the exchange of data between the recharging stations, the battery packs and the central control unit.

Technical features

The patent provides for the integration of rechargeable battery packs for soft mobility inside appropriate recharging stations; in addition to the recharge of the single battery pack, these stations allow the battery sharing between the service users. The logged user, which can access the service, will rent the battery pack to power his/her mean of transport, e.g., an e-bike, and afford exclusively the cost of the battery recharge. Moreover, the patented system provides for a control unit able to manage and monitor the service. The control unit, continuously linked to the charging stations and to the battery packs, will additionally give information of interest to the user and to the service manager, such as the use of battery packs, their charge state and sustained recharge cycles, their GPS coordinates, the environmental monitoring, etc.

Possible Applications

  • IOT;
  • Electric mobility;
  • Shared mobility.


  • Real-time data on batteries;
  • Better shared transport service;
  • Monitoring of users’ habits;
  • Optimal employment of batteries.