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Sensorized holds for indoor climbing

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The invention consists of a fastening device for indoor climbing able to acquire, in real time the space distribution of forces applied to the hold during athlete’s performance. A metal insert with adequate geometries and appropriately equipped with strain gauges replaces the normal screw connecting the wall socket. The acquisition and processing of the strain gauge signals allows the reconstruction of the exchanged force.

Technical features

The new fastener replaces the normal connecting screw between hold and indoor climbing wall with the device shown in Figure. This device consists of a metal insert bound at one end to a plate for connection to a indoor climbing wall and at the other end to a climbing hold. The metal insert houses the measuring strain gauges. The signals coming from these strain gauges are acquired and processed, allowing the spatial reconstruction of the exchanged force in real time between the user and the hold.

Possible Applications

  • Sport training;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Psychomotricity;
  • Competitive sport.


  • Accurate real time spatial and temporal reconstruction of the force signal or data post processing for the evaluation of user performance;
  • Study of the movements of any type of users;
  • Very small size;
  • Low cost.