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Sensorized heart valve prosthesis

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A new sensorized heart valve prosthesis (HVP) for the continuous monitoring of valve leaflet motion, therefore of HVP functioning after implant, using an electrical impedance measurement (IntraValvular Impedance, IVI).

Technical features

A new sensorized HVP for the continuous monitoring of valve leaflet motion, therefore of valve HVP functioning after implant, using an electric impedance measurement (IntraValvular Impedance, IVI). IVI measurement is based on applying sensors and electronics to HVPs: miniaturized electrodes and electronic circuits are embedded in existing HVPs and are used to generate a local electric field and to detect electrical impedance variations due to the moving valve leaflets interfering with the electric field lines. An external reader, having for example the size of a smartphone or a  tablet, wirelessly powers and interrogates the implanted sensorized system to remotely retrieve information on valve leaflet motion and to send alert to physicians in case of malfunctioning detection.

Possible Applications

  • Wireless medical devices;
  • Implantable cardiovascular devices.


  • Erarly warning on HVP malfunctioning;
  • Reduction of patient mortality;
  • Improvement of patient quality of life;
  • Improvement of healthcare efficiency and efficacy;
  • Increased patient’s awareness and patient-centric care.