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Sensorized garment

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The invention consists of a sensorized garment (such as a T-shirt) which is comprised of wearable element on the skin that has a hand held device for tightening binding sensors to the skin, such as electrodes, as to detect electrophysiological signals during physical activity.

Technical features

The sensorized garment has been designed to integrate textile and imperceptible sensors (for example ECG electrodes, breathing sensors, etc.) connected to an electric control unit through textile conductive wires, which allows the reading of vital parameters in real-time, even during physical activity (e.g. manual work, sports etc.). The sensorized garment (typically a t-shirt) is comfortable to wear and does not impede physical movement, so that it can be used during sports and wellness activities, as well during work for interpreting the person’s health status by collecting bio-vital data.

The T-shirt is therefore intended as an aid to monitor health by integrating textile electrodes and sensors into a garment.

Possible Applications

  • Sport medicine;
  • Occupational medicine;
  • Monitoring of psycho-physical stress;
  • Clinical monitoring (e.g. post-acuity);
  • Monitoring of fatigue;
  • ECG detection;
  • Monitoring of respiration.


  • Ease of use of the garment;
  • Comfort in the contact area between the skin and the  dry textile electrode;
  • Reliability of accuracy in electric signals in non-standard conditions;
  • It does not hinder the person’s normal physical activity;
  • Textile wire transmission;
  • Wearable electronic sensors.