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Sensor for phenolic ripening of grapes

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The invention is a system for determining the degree of phenolic ripening of grapes directly in the field from colour digital images acquired through a smartphone. The system is composed of a controlled lighting acquisition compartment, an algorithm on server for image processing and mobile and desktop applications for data management and visualisation.

Technical features

The device allows to acquire, through a smartphone, colour images of grape samples in a closed compartment, under controlled lighting conditions: the smartphone becomes a real analysis tool.

The images are sent to a server, using a dedicated app. Here the images are stored and processed: an algorithm correlates the colour of the sample with its chemical-physical properties. The results obtained from the processing on the server are sent back to the smartphone and displayed in real time.

An objective, rapid and low-cost measurement system is therefore obtained for various colour-related parameters indicative of phenolic ripening (content of the main anthocyanins, colour index, tonality, etc.).

It is also possible to store, visualise and re-elaborate data from the desktop, using a web interface which allows to create ripening maps and curves

Possible Applications

  • Vineyard
  • Winery
  • Analysis laboratory


  • Low-cost and ease of use
  • Results in real time
  • Reduction of: costs for laboratory consultancy, analysis time and use of reagents
  • Visualisation of ripening maps and curves
  • Historical data archive and data sharing
  • Differentiated harvest and separation of grapes with different maturation