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Sensing system for proximity augmented detection

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In collaborative robotics, for industrial and medical applications, during the human- robot cooperation is fundamental to guarantee the «safety» condition for humans. This invention relates the proximity detecting systems and particularly the detection of the distance between two objects in the working station where robotic machines are together with humans.

Technical features

’The invention describes a proximity detection system between two objects with more sensitivity if compared to the state of the art sensors. The system is small has a modular geometry, easy to integrate on small, curve or irregular surfaces.

The invention is made of:

  1. Capacity sensor/array made by coplanar capacitors;
  2. A wearable multi-layer element generating an electric field for certain frequencies and with a specific phase shift in respect with the electric field generated by the interacting capacitive sensor.

The wearable element is made of a bracelet where the first silicone isolated layer is in touch with the skin of the operator.

Possible Applications

  • Human-robot cooperation;
  • Packaging and sorting goods;
  • Medical field.


  • Increase of the detection distance of an object by the sensor to implement more efficient “collision avoidance” procedures;
  • Economical;
  • Flexibility and modularity;
  • Comfort of the device made of silicone.