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Seismic safety belts

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The innovative external hanging technology “Seismic Safety Belts” helps to prevent the collapse of the prefabricated industrial sheds, by avoiding the loss of support of horizontal roof elements.The hanging system allows to reduce the seismic risk by preserving the original structure, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the productive activities.

Technical features

The high seismic vulnerability of prefabricated industrial sheds is due to the lack of structural design of the connections between the long-span horizontal roof elements (panels and beams) and their supporting elements (beams and columns). In the presence of seismic horizontal loading, design lack usually generates collapse due to loss of support. The “Seismic Safety Belts” hanging system is able to prevent this collapse mechanism by retaining the roof elements by means of metallic cables, which are anchored to auxiliary structures built outside and adjecently to the building. This technology allows a significant reduction of seismic risk without the need for further structural reinforcement, ensuring the safeguarding of life and property exposed, as well as the operational continuity of industrial activity.

Possible Applications

  • Mitigation of the seismic risk for single-storey prefabricated industrial sheds.


  • The technology is minimally invasive;
  • Construction works are outside the building;
  • No reinforcement of the existing structural system is required;
  • Business continuity is ensured Time and costs are low;
  • Can be combined with architectural restyling.