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SEA SENTINEL SYSTEM for environmental studies

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The Sea Sentinel System (SSS) is a multifunctional cell culture kit for studies in physiology, biochemistry, genetics and eco toxicology. The marine mammal cells that are included in this kit belong to different species of cetaceans (Tursiops truncatus, Ziphius cavirostris, Grampus griseus) that are considered sentinels of the overall health of the marine environment since they are exposed to many environmental stress factors.

Technical features

Cell cultures of marine mammal cells are a multi-purpose tool for the study of cell physiology and the biochemistry linked to the effects of natural and anthropogenic pollution (e.g. microplastics, phthalates, perfluoroalkyl substances) on cetaceans. The SSS kit can be used to set up parallel species-specific biological response analysis to chemical or environmental stress factors for physiologic, biochemical, genetic or eco-toxicology studies. It is an innovative solution for research because it allows us to study the biological response of marine mammal ‘sentinels’ if exposed to pollution, without the use of live animals. This response will allow us to evaluate the potential damage on a cellular, molecular, or genetic level through reproducible experiments in a standardized system that contains three muscle two dermis cell lines from the Delphinidae and Ziphius family.

Possible Applications

  • Study of the effects of compounds on cellular processes;
  • Physiology, biochemical, genetic and ecotoxicity experiments;
  • Toxicology and pharmacology research for the evaluation of the impact of potential pollutants;
  • Study of the consequences of climate change.


  • Allows ethical research on marine mammals;
  • Standardized research system;
  • Parallel analysis of different biological responses;
  • Allows physiologic, biochemical, genetic and ecotoxicity experiment set ups that combine multiple analysis factors (same or different species, same or different tissue).