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Scintigraphic intracavitary measurement device

directional Gamma probesintraoperative Gamma cameraRadio-guided surgery


The present invention concerns an intraoperative micro-gamma camera to be used in the field of radio-guided surgery (intraoperative, laparoscopic, robot-assisted) for the localisation of lymph nodes and tumours and/or other pathologies. The technical task of the present invention is therefore to provide an intraoperative gamma camera capable of overcoming the limitations of the known art which do not allow the introduction of scintigraphic imaging devices inside the body.

Technical features

The detector can be introduced into the human body through dedicated channels (trocar or other) which guide the use of the device. The main advantage is to bring the detector into contact with the suspected pathology inside the body, rather than checking it from the outside. The ability to explore small field areas inside the body allows to obtain very detailed images with high spatial resolution (1-2 mm) and pave the way to the use of dedicated devices in precision robotic surgery. An additional purpose of the invention is to develop a low cost intraoperative gamma camera with high versatility, providing an on-line imaging of the radio pharmaceuticals uptake in the tissues or, more generally, in the lesion.

Possible Applications

Medical device for:

  • radio-guided surgery;
  • robotized intraoperatory surgery;
  • miniaturized gamma camera.


  • small size gamma camera;
  • intracorporal imaging near the lesion;
  • low cost;
  • fast acquisition time.