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Healing of a surgical wound results in a scar that can evolve physiologically or pathologically (hypo/atrophic, hypertrophic or keloid scar). It’s usually recommended to perform daily massages on the scar to reduce its consistency, prevent potential scar adhesions and improve pain, tenderness and itching. We have observed that patients find it difficult to perform the recommended massages, affecting the outcome of the proposed treatment. An educational method has been created as an app for mobile devices, to allow patients to perform a specific treatment protocol on scars (standardized in terms of execution methods and times), in the aim of improving their outcome.

Technical features

Literature highlights the difficulty in identifying a standardized massage protocol in terms of methods and times. It is therefore difficult to perform the massage techniques illustrated during the visit with constancy and precision, influencing the outcome of the proposed treatment. There is also no digital protocol on app. The innovative treatment protocol is structured on a standardized scheme in terms of technique and execution times (duration 6 months). 3 types of massage have been identified based on the intensity of execution (light, intermediate, high) and combined to create sequences of increasing intensity, from the first to the third month and from the fourth to the sixth month. The protocol has been integrated and developed into an app for mobile devices, which provides the patient with: support with textual and visual guidance for carrying out the messages, answers to FAQs regarding scars with suggestions for their treatment and progress tracking to encourage patient. TRL 8.

Possible Applications

  • Multidisciplinary use of the protocol in the scar treatment app
  • Use in telemedicine as a diagnostic, prescriptive and therapeutic tool
  • Smart communicative and educational medical knowledge tool
  • Subject of potential scientific experimental evaluation


  • Standardized protocol for execution times and methods
  • Availability in interactive digital format
  • Clarity and immediacy of information provided with motivational aim
  • Education/Information on scar characteristics and management