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Satellite antenna using a planar reflector

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The technology concerns the field of DTH (Direct-To-Home) receiving antennas for satellite transmissions. It consists of a new configuration that allows to minimize or eliminate the visual impact of the antenna, thanks to the high integration in the building walls. Furthermore, this invention eliminates the need to direct the antenna beam by adjusting the azimuth / elevation and allows covering almost all directions of arrival of the satellite signal.

Technical features

The patent describes a new antenna configuration, consisting of a flat part (reflector) and a feed-arm. The flat part is made up of a series of printed patches with different characteristics (for example the size) that generate a phase shift between the incident and reflected waves. By finely adjusting the apparatus, that is, by checking its characteristics, it is possible: to allow operation as a parabolic antenna; determine the aiming angle which can vary in azimuth and elevation. In any case, the antenna maintains the same position and orientation but can assume different configurations simply by varying the characteristics of the patches.

Possible Applications

  • Receiving antennas for DTH.


  • Antenna azimuth / elevation adjustment not required;
  • The patch reflector can be hung on the wall with minimal footprint.