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SARFID – Localization in UHF-RFID systems

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The localization method concerns the localization of RFID tags in relative motion with respect to the RFID reader. The method can be applied to locate both moving and stationary tags, but also to locate moving readers by using tags as a reference. It employs commercial RFID hardware operating in the UHF band and passive tags which are easy to install.

Technical features

The localization method is based on the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) principle. It is applied to determine the position of stationary RFID tags by exploiting the RFID reader motion along known trajectories, as for logistic applications. Besides, it is employed to locate moving tags with respect to fixed reader, as in conveyor belt/conveying line scenarios. The method exploits low-cost UHF-RFID systems able to simultaneously manage tens of passive tags. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor scenarios with a simple system infrastructure. Moreover, the method can be used to locate a mobile reader installed on board of a robot or a drone, by employing reference tags in the scenario.

Possible Applications

  • Conveyor belts/Conveying lines;
  • Production lines;
  • Indoor / outdoor warehouse;
  • Precision agriculture;
  • Infrastructure monitoring;
  • Drone;
  • Robot.


  • Low-cost off-the-shelf hardware;
  • Passive tags (battery free);
  • Simple system infrastructure with a single antenna;
  • Easy of installation;
  • Firmware / software implementation;
  • Flexibility with respect to the application scenario;
  • No calibration required.