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Sample holder for Ambient mass spectrometry

Ambient Mass SpectrometryAPTDCI-MSClinical BiochemistryDESI-MSInborn error of metabolism


This invention relates to a sample holder device for ambient mass spectrometry (MS), that allows performing desorption electrospray ionization and atmospheric pressure thermal desorption chemical ionization coupled with MS. The sample holder device is easily and rapidly inserted and extracted from the ionization chamber and enable for the ambient MS screening of inborn errors of metabolism.

Technical features

The sample holder device can be easily inserted in mass spectrometer by means of a base comprising a curved portion adapted to match to the internal surface of the ionization chamber and can be rotated since its curvature radius corresponds to the curvature radius of the ionization chamber. Therefore, the position of the sample holder is adjustable, and it is suitable with different kind of geometry required during ambient ionization mass spectrometry. The sample holder device allows to easily calibrate the mass spectrometer and to optimize the operating parameters of the system in relation with the position of the sample. The sample (such as a dried blood spot) can be located on the sample holder allowing ambient mass spectrometry analysis of native samples without sample preparation

Possible Applications

  • Screening of metabolic profiles;
  • Amino acids;
  • Cholesterol and sterols;
  • Organic acids and acylcarnitine.


  • Analysis of native pathways by mass spectrometry without changing the mass spectrometer;
  • Analysis by ionization by desorption at ambient pressure;
  • Analysis by thermal ionization and desorption at ambient pressure.