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Safety Message Delivery to Cars via LTE/5G

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The invention defines a quick and efficient procedure to send event-triggered messages to vehicles in transit on a segment of roadway or highway. The solution relies upon the infrastructure of a telco operator, and it is compliant with the 3GPP standard protocols that rule the exchange of information on the data and control plane between the User Equipment (UE) and the cellular network.

Technical features

Through the proposed solution, it is possible to swiftly dispatch urgent messages to a floor of vehicles, informing them about alerts, danger or unexpected event occurrences. Owing to the path and the combination of protocols being employed, the invention is able to remarkably confine the delay in message delivery, and it represents a solution that can be immediately introduced, with very limited implementation costs. As a matter of fact, the solution is independent of the adoption of release 13 and 14 of the LTE Cellular V2X (C-V2X or LTE-V) standard within the operator Radio Access Network (RAN), although it does not conflict with it. Moreover, the solution allows to distribute the event-triggered messages on significantly wide areas, that a single-hop communication cannot cover. The message source can be either a fixed roadside element or a vehicle, the only requirement being it to be equipped with a cellular modem.

Possible Applications

  • Telco operators, a telco manufacturers and/or a highway operators, the proposed invention offers a way to provide: Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) services to car manufacturers;
  • Semi-automated and automated vehicles, as well as to vehicle drivers, so as to enhance road safety.


  • A solution to distribute urgent messages to vehicles via LTE/LTE-A and 5G that is: notably simple, extremely quick, efficient;
  • Featuring modest implementation costs;
  • Immediately implementable;
  • Standard compliant.