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Safety device for the disposal of needles and cutting edges

Accident preventionESTECHHazardous waste disposalMedical safetyNeedlestick-prevention devices


The invention relates to a device for the prevention of biohazard accidents, and is part of the group of devices that incorporate a protection mechanism by which it is possible to prevent accidental puncture with devices for injections.

Technical features

The known systems of protection against needle sticks or other cutting edges in the field of medical safety, the so-called Needlestick-prevention devices (NPD), are devices incorporated in the same medical device that, in certain circumstances, can be a hindrance to the correct execution of the medical procedure. To eliminate or minimize interference with medical practice, this invention is a device that is not integrated into the medical device with a needle or blade that preserves the efficiency of current NPDs in terms of safety and their ease of use. Furthermore, the device has substantial universal compatibility with any type of needle or blade instrumentation and consists of a box of non-penetrable material, with a double bottom for the reception and retention of syringes, needles and other devices used by the operator.

Possible Applications

  • Safety in the medical field;
  • Protected storage of devices until their proper disposal;
  • Home-environment disposal of needles or cutting edges.


  • Elimination or reduction of interference with medical practice;
  • Practically universal use with any type of needle or cutting edge;
  • Elimination of cases of temporary abandonment of needles or cutting edges;
  • Reduction of accidents in complex management scenarios.