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Safepack: Safety Backpack for riders

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Safepack is the first smart backpack designed for Gig Economy delivery service riders. It is fully integrated into the work dynamics and improves user safety by reducing the possibility of distraction and enhancing communication with other road users.

Technical features

Safepack consists of: 1) Tactile navigation system, inserted in the belt, consisting of piezoelectric actuators that vibrate in the direction of the path to follow and an inflation system that ensures the fitting and correct perception of the vibration. 2) Communication system based on voice interface (Speaker and microphone): the rider can receive information from the platform, such as the delivery of a new order (collection / delivery point, distance, compensation), can accept or reject it and communicate delays or emergencies. 3) Automatic lighting system, aimed at improving communication with other road users. The light is generated by side-emitting optical fibers connected to a yellow LED for the visibility lights, and red LEDs for the directional and brake lights. Finally, Safepack communicates via bluetooth with the platform app and with the navigation app. The volume of the voice interface and the intensity of the vibration can be adjusted thanks to a pressure sensor placed in the right shoulder strap.

Possible Applications

  • Riders working in Gig economy delivery services.


  • A smart product perfectly integrated into the working dynamics of the delivery platforms;
  • Offers a support tool that allows a rider not to have to constantly look at a smartphone to receive navigation instructions and information from the platform app;
  • Improves rider safety by reducing distracting factors, making him visible and communicating his movements to other road users.