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Ruthenium complexes with antitumoral chemotherapy activities

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The present invention relates to the use of ruthenium complexes as antitumor chemotherapeutic agents, having considerable chemical stability and complete water solubility. The ruthenium complex of the invention is useful in the treatment of patients with solid metastatic tumors very often resistant to the commonly used anticancer drugs, in particular in the treatment of invasive breast cancer (basal like/ triple negative).

Technical features

Arene-ruthenium (II) complexes containing bidentate ligands derivatives of 1,1-bis (pyrazolyl) methane, are particularly advantageous as anticancer and antimetastatic agents and can be used as a substitute or possibly in association with other chemotherapeutics for the treatment of various tumor forms. The compound of invention is useful in the treatment of solid metastatic tumors resistant to the commonly used anticancer drugs, in particular in the treatment of invasive breast cancer (basal like/ triple negative). The complex of the invention show fewer side
effects for the host compared to those developed by other metal-based chemotherapeutic agents and is easily eliminated, thus avoiding its accumulation in retention organs, such as liver and kidney and consequently avoiding the onset of renal and hepatic insufficiencies.

Possible Applications

  • Tumor mass reduction therapy;
  • Inhibition of cell motility, associated with the metastatic capacity of tumor disease.


  • Minor side effects for patients
  • Avoiding accumulation in retention organs (such as liver and kidney) and easy elimination
  • Avoiding the onset of renal and hepatic insufficiencies