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Rotor for reluctance synchronous motor

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This innovative rotor for a synchronous reluctance motor is made by means of AM (additive manufacturing – 3D printing) technology. The novelty concerns the geometric configuration of the rotor flux barriers: since it is made by AM technology it has a suitable unique structure, which maximizes the saliency of the rotor, and consequently the overall performance of the motor.

Technical features

The invention concerns a synchronous machine rotor (reluctance and/or reluctance-assisted) and a method for its production by Additive Manufacturing (AM) technique.
Through the use of magnetic powder printing, it is possible to obtain a synchronous machine with the highest physically achievable saliency. Moreover, the use of AM techniques allows the realization of optimized rotor configurations not restricted by current manufacturing technologies. An additional advantage of this solution is that the rotor is created in a single block so that the fabrication of the motor becomes simplified and facilitated. At present, a working engine prototype that includes the patented rotor has been made and tested by modifying a small-power industrial engine. TRL4, technology validated in Lab.

Possible Applications

  • High-performance electric motors operating at variable speed;
  • Domestic and industrial mechanisms (pumping, ventilation);
  • Synchronous reluctance-assisted machines.


  •  Maximum achievable magnetic saliency;
  • High torque density of the motor;
  • High performance of the electric drive;
  • Simplification of the production process of the engine.