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Rheologically-controlled spread oils

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The invention pertains to the recipe and the production process of vegetable spreadable emulsified products (with a consistency similar to margarines) comprising vegetable oils up to 84% by weight, a small amount of hard fats, low molecular weight organogelators (2%-5%), water or aromatic aqueous solution (maximum 15% by weight).

Technical features

The invention deals with the production of rheologically-controlled vegetable spread oils (water-in-oil emulsions) as shortenings, margarines or solid fats replacers. The process is based on the organogelation of oils for enhancing  the consistency of the fat phase. The W/O emulsions are produced with a high fraction of vegetable oil (from 71% to 84% by weight), a small amount of natural vegetable hard fats (thickener, from 2 to 9%), a little amount of LMW Organogelators (from 2-5%), and finally an aqueous phase (12-15%). The vegetable oil(s), the hard fats and the organogelator have to be mixed at a temperature ranging between 70°C and 80°C under nitrogen athmosphere. Then, a fast cooling, under mixing conditions, of the oil phase down to 13 ± 2°C yields the oil phase gelation, which, finally has to be emulsified with water between 13°C and 25°C (according to the desired final rheological characteristics of the sample).

Possible Applications

  • The new fat can be used as it is as a spreadable garnishment especially for vegans, caliac, and lactose intolerant;
  • It can be suitably used for producing baked goods, dough and all foodstuffs involving butter or margarine in the recipe.


  • The invention avoids any chemical rearrangement of the oil phase;
  • The average content of saturated fats is lower if compared to commercial margarines with their same water content;
  • The rheology can be controlled by the process, and by the ingredients content in the reported ranges.