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Reversible axial turbomachinery stage



Axial ducted stage made of rotor and stator blade rows. High efficiency reversible operation as operating machine (fan, pump, propeller) or driving machine (turbine).

Technical features

The invention consists of a series of design rules for axial turbomachine stages. The stage of the axial turbomachinery and the aerodynamic profiles that define the blades are designed to guarantee a good efficiency if operated in both direct and reversed flow direction. The flow direction determines the working condition (i.e. power absorption or production). The external duct shape is suitably profiled to properly act as inlet duct or exhaust depending on the stage of operation. The invention can be used in many different sectors. Any industrial solution involving an axial fan or pump (or propeller) can be considered for the proposed reversible configuration that could act as a power generating solution in addition to its original scope. As an example, applications can be identified in artificial snow generation systems, in industrial fans or pumps, in UAV systems with axial propellers. The invention was developed and verified using a numerical model and can be considered at the level of TRL 3 maturity.

Possible Applications

  • Ventilation systems;
  • Artificial snow generation;
  • Pumping systems;
  • UAV with axial propellers;
  • Automotive;
  • Propulsion systems for sailboats.


  • Energy harvesting;
  • Increased production value thanks to reversible functioning;
  • New markets where the reversible solution can substitute two standard machines;
  • No geographical limitations, no specific competences or technological infrastructures required for installation.