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Reversible Adhesive System for Bonding and Disassembling Operations

Electromagnetic weldingESTECHHot-melt processesIncollaggioIPA21Metallic nanoparticlesRecyclingsolderingThermoplastic adhesives


The invention allows to simplify the bonding and separation of objects composed of different parts connected by thermoplastic adhesives, making welding / separation possible by introducing iron oxide nanoparticles inside the adhesive that allows the localized fusion of the adhesive material when heated thanks to a magnetic field generated by an innovative inductor. The invention allows to avoid to damage the different components of the object in both processes, even when they are made of different materials and when they sensitive to temperature.

Technical features

With actual technologies, the separation of components welded with thermoplastic adhesives cannot occur without causing damage to the bonded components: in plastic and metal materials, heating can lead to deformation of the components, the use of chemical reagents can be corrosive and mechanical separation cutting can destroy the object unnecessarily when the components to be separated are embedded. The  proposed invention, through the use of an adhesive matrix based on iron oxide nanoparticles and the relative electromagnetic inductor, allows to overcome these problems by enabling the gluing (or separation) of different components through localized heating generated by a focused magnetic field of the interested areas, without damaging them also thanks to the use of a controlled air flow for cooling.

Possible Applications

  • Hot-melt processes in automotive field;
  • Component welding;
  • Recycling and separation of components.


  • Possibility of welding different materials without damaging components;
  • Separation procedures are easier, increasing sustainability of products;
  • The technology could be used in continuous production lines;
  • Enabling to intervene in embedded components without damaging external parts.