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Reticular pole made in 3D printing

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Innovative reticular poles fabricated using Wire-and-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) 3D printing technology with a reticular external surface (“lattice structure”) made up of continuously developing rectilinear elements.

Technical features

The use of “Innocenti” tube for base element for structures, support pole for signage or lighting, etc. is well known. These metal structures are generally extruded that commonly involves an excess of used material. Furthermore, the structures are connected to each other (e.g. structural nodes) by means of bolting or welding.

The invention consists in the design of an innovative reticular pole constructed using 3D printing technique. The pole has an “atomized” tubular cross-section, forming an external diagrid lattice surface, composed by continuous straight elements. The continuity of these elements is guaranteed by the Wire-and-Arc Additive Manufacturing technique. The pole made in this way guarantees resistance performance comparable to the traditional pole, in the face of a reduction in the material used (up to 90% material savings), thus also providing a reduced environmental impact.

Possible Applications

  • Structural engineering;
  • Architecture.


  • Reduction of used material and overall weight;
  • No need of welding and bolting connections;
  • Flexibility in its fabrication and use.