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RES-Plat: Energy planning platform

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The “RES-Plat” platform allows to analyze, in an integrated way and in an energy planning perspective, the multi-dimensional impacts of the exploitation of renewable energy sources (RES), with particular reference to wind and photovoltaic but with the possibility to implement this perspective extending the analysis to other types of energy, renewable and non-renewable.

Technical features

This integrated software tool allows the multi-dimensional analysis of the exploitation of renewable sources let the user having immediate knowledge, through an interactive cartographic representation, of the exploitable potential, as well as to be able to carry out targeted analyzes at different territorial administrative scales (country, region, district). In this way, the user can evaluate the energy production, with hourly granularity, of various technological solutions and obtain assessments relating to the financial impact of the investment made and the environmental effects associated with it. Through the platform, it is possible to build alternative scenarios (and easily compare them with each other), in order to have a holistic estimate of their potential costs and benefits and to respond in a unified way to different instances.

Possible Applications

  • Science-based tool able to response to specific requests from  various stakeholders: institutions and public bodies;
  • Energy companies;
  • Financial and credit institutions;
  • Research institutes, universities and think tanks.


  • To explore the database and build analysis scenarios;
  • To explore existing scenarios;
  • To perform simulations;
  • To compare and visualize the results of the simulations;
  • To export the results, in the form of exportable tables and graphs.