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Removable anti-seismic bracing system

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Current anti-seismic bracing systems include reinforcing structures that hook and stiffen the load-bearing parts of the building, are also invasive from a static point of view and often require fire protection (a coating), which negatively impacts on usability and aesthetics of the building.
The invention consists of a reversible, recyclable and non-invasive anti-seismic bracing system, applicable to existing buildings with a frame structure (industrial and civil buildings, including historical ones), which allows to avoid compromising the static balance; it is removable and minimizes the intervention on the structure of the building itself, in terms of usability, aesthetics, costs, times, maintenance.

Technical features

The basic module of the bracing of the invention consists of two shock transmitters at the base, of two tubular elements which by tie-wrapping clasp to the existing beams, of a Saint Andrew’s cross lowered relative to the tubular elements and of a box-like system of protection in fireproof glass. Advantageously, each element works to ensure an optimal resistance in the event of an earthquake.
The current TRL of the technology is TRL 3 (Experimental Proof of Concept), with the possibility of moving to TRL 4, following future validation of the technology in a dedicated certified laboratory.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial and civil buildings (also for the historical heritage), equipped with a frame structure, requiring usability and simple maintenance;
  • Buildings requiring visibility, low aesthetic impact and short and simple construction sites;
  • Buildings, or parts thereof, in situations at risk of fire.


The system:

  • makes the building anti-seismic and does not change the structural static balance;
  • leaves most surfaces visible;
  • is adaptable to any building, light, quickly to build, reversible, and recyclable;
  • is fixed and helps to support the load-bearing structure in the event of a fire.