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Remote automated intraoperative analysis

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This patent is part of the field of technological supports in the medical and sanitary environment and it is, in particular, an advanced instrumentation able to automate and accelerate intraoperative histological and bioptic analyzes of tissues remotely.

Technical features

The intraoperative histological examinations allow the medical team to have important information about the nature of the tissues on which to intervene; the promptness in providing this information and their accuracy requires the intervention of a composite series of professionalism and considerable organizational efficiency with times that, on average, are around 20-30 minutes. The operations of telepathology and remotization of bioptic analyzes constitute an important evolution of the sector, but the state of the art does not provide integrated solutions capable of replicating tactile analysis and visual analysis. The invention object of the patent (shared 50% with the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna) overcomes the existing technologies allowing intra-operative ex-vivo analyzes according to automated methods that can be carried out within the operating area or in its immediate proximity, with the remote control by the anatomopathologist.

Possible Applications

  • Telepathology and remotization of biopsy investigations;
  • Ex vivo intraoperative analysis;
  • Histopathological analysis in general.


  • Reduction of information transit times;
  • Integrated tactile-visual-ultrasonic analysis;
  • Objective and reproducible ex vivo analyzes;
  • Real-time control and tissue mapping for subsequent histopathological sampling operations.