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ReHand: Hand exoskeleton for smart rehabilitation

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Every year more than 7.500.000 people suffer from hand impairment as a consequence of a stroke attack (5% of the global healthcare cost). Current strategies are not sustainable in cost and time. ReHand allows performing high quality rehabilitation with one portable, lightweight, intelligent robotic exoskeleton.

Technical features

The invention regards the under actuated bi-directional mechanical transmission of the force of one single motor to all fingers. The mechanism splits the force generated by the motor in four parts (one for each finger but the thumb) and can work both in extension (hand opening) or flexion (hand closing). The mechanism can be customized to target specific grasps and, in particular was studied for the medium wrap grasp. Furthermore, the principle can be extended to include the thumb or to target different body parts. The structure adapts itself to the natural hand movements without imposing a certain specific grasp. The use of one single motor allows for a lighter structure and lower costs. Finally, the control technique (not patented) enforce the concept of functional rehabilitation.

Possible Applications

  • Rehabilitation Post-Stroke, Neurological diseases, Results assessment;
  • Aging society (Assistive technology);
  • Risky environments, Space and Underwater exploration;
  • Power enhancement.


  • Lightweight;
  • Compliant and secure;
  • Adaptive grasps;
  • Controlled exercises;
  • Practical (easy to wear);
  • Affordable.