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Reference materials kit for luminance coefficient

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Road lighting standards require defined levels of road luminance of lighting system to ensure safety and visibility to all road users. Road lighting systems are designed based on the actual road surface luminance coefficient knowledge to link the desired road luminance to the needed installed luminous flux. The reference Materials KIT allows the calibration of road luminance coefficient measuring devices, portable and of laboratory. A Reference Material (RM) is a material, sufficiently homogeneous and stable with respect to one or more specified properties, which has been established to be fit for its intended use in a measurement process. Uses may include the calibration of a measurement system, assessment of a measurement procedure, assigning values to other materials and quality control (ISO10734).

Technical features

Road lighting systems are designed based on the actual road surface reflectance characteristics, described by the luminance coefficient of the actual road surface; lighting designers calculate the needed luminous flux per kilometer to ensure the desired road luminance given a specific road lighting luminaire. actual measurements of road surface luminance coefficient, despite being required by standard, are seldom performed since they have low reliability mainly because a lack of traceability and uncertainty evaluation. This RM KIT, mimicking the physical reflective properties of road surfaces, allows the calibration of road luminance coefficient measuring devices with reference to NMI and absolute units (illuminance and luminance). It allows to establish measurement uncertainty, and finally achieve road lighting systems optimized for the actual road surface for energy saving and visual performances. The KIT is a Certified Reference Material and can be used to calibrate luminance coefficient measuring instruments. TRL6.


Possible Applications

  • Road lighting design;
  • Calibration of luminance coefficient measuring system;
  • Uncertainty evaluation of luminance coefficient measurements;
  • Road safety.


  • 3D printed and reliable road-lighting system design;
  • IoT, Easily Certifiable, great stability and sharing;
  • Compliance to EN road lighting standard requirements for increased road safety;
  • Road lighting energy savings.