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Reference materials for Road lighting

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Road lighting legislation requires that the design of the street lighting system is carried out on the basis of the value of the luminance coefficient of the road surface actually installed, measured or certified as having the same luminance coefficient as specific references published in the form of tables. . These Reference materials allow the calibration of measurement systems, are 3D printed and have the same luminance coefficient as the reference tables used in lighting design.

Technical features

Currently, the laboratory instrumentation for the measurement of the luminance coefficient is almost never calibrated. The calibration with these reference materials is a relative method that allows an easier evaluation of the measurement uncertainty and a considerable saving of measurement time, with a reduction of the laboratory costs guaranteeing a higher measurement accuracy, the increase of the reliability of measurements and guarantees traceability. These materials are 3D printed and can also be used for the calibration of instrumentation that measures the BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function), to minimize uncertainty and optimize the measurement procedures they can be made with the same luminance coefficient values ​​of any table reference. TRL3.


Possible Applications

  • For laboratory instrument for luminance coefficient;
  • BRDF instrument calibration;
  • Road lighting design and road safety;
  • Calibration of luminance coefficient measuring system;
  • Uncertainty evaluation of luminance coefficient measurements.


  • Printed and customisable to a specific reference table;
  • IoT, Easily certifiable;
  • Great stability and easily disseminated;
  • Reliable lighting design;
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and for road safety;
  • Energy Savings street lighting.