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This patented multifunction device acts as a safety system and millibar controller of inert gas inside tanks, such as those used for redox flow batteries in large energy storage systems. 

Technical features

To ensure continuous and stable electrical output from renewable resources, power production plants must include large energy storage systems. Redox Flow Batteries (RFB) are commonly used for this purpose, but they require careful management of the highly reactive solutions and of the inert atmosphere inside the tanks. This patented safety system can guarantee millibar pressure control of the inert atmosphere inside RFB tanks since it includes a valve and a differential manometer. Such device will maintain the internal pressure within safe values in case reaction gas is produced or sampling is required. Furthermore, it can prevent the entry of oxygen or other ‘pollutants’ by generating slight over pressurization. Current TRL is 7.

Possible Applications

  • Redox flow batteries (RFB);
  • Process plants with reactive fluids in over pressurized inert gas.


  • Millibar pressure control of inert gas in tanks;
  • Safety valve included;
  • Allows gas sampling from the tanks.