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Reconfigurable underwater drone

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The invention consists of an underwater drone (UUV) intended for surveys inspection, and intervention (repair and maintenance of underwater structures). In addition to be able to perform the typical tasks of an ROV (Inspection, Repair, Maintenance = IRM), thanks to its re-configurability that allows to feature and hydrodynamic shape, the drone is appropriate to perform surveys  on large areas of seabed.

Technical features

The patented underwater drone is characterized by the ability to change its shape so as to make it suitable to perform different tasks. In particular, the dronelends itself to perform both the survey operations typical of a torpedo-shaped AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle), and inspection and intervention operations that require more stable configurations, such as those of the ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicle).

Possible Applications

  • Underwater surveys with different types of sensors: sonar, cameras, environmental sensors,
  • Inspection, Repair, Maintenance (IRM) of submerged infrastructure in lakes, rivers, sea
  • Monitoring of floating bodies
  • Humanitarian and defence mine-hunting and neutralization


  • Multi-functionality: it features both the advantages of a torpedo-shaped drone and those of a compact-shape drone aimed at performing Inspection, Repair, Maintenance (IRM) tasks
  • Capability to effectively operate in adverse environmental conditions: current and waves
  • Modular components